Who am I?

My name is Irma, and since I was a child I have been spending time within the world of business, made of factories and offices, as well as that of art, with its galleries and auctions. In the former, I was able to learn how to work in a team and I have become familiar with the positive and negative aspects of communication. In the latter, I have had the chance to appreciate art’s beauty, its
philosophy, and the expressiveness of each artist through their work. As soon as I obtained my Masters in Mental Coaching from University Coaching in Bocconi, I understood that the right combination of the skills I had acquired in both fields would allow me to offer my experience and competence to anyone who will want to benefit from it.

The Mental Coach

Mental Coaching is a method which relies on different techniques dedicated to the identification of practical goals and ways to accomplish them.
Do you need a Mental Coach? If you want to achieve any of these results, then you definitely do!
Mental Coaching will allow you to:

  • Be able to appreciate moments of change
  • Overcome objectively or subjectively difficult situations
  • Overcome constraining beliefs
  • Get rid of anxiety, sense of guilt and shame
  • Rebuild past experiences creatively
  • Improve the efficacy of your communication
  • Learn effective strategies for decision-making and action-taking
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Become aware of your feelings
  • Improve your concentration and peace of mind


The partnership with a Mental Coach will lead you to discover, understand, and train your strengths. The Coach will help you to optimise your resources, so that you can achieve better results more effectively and more quickly, and therefore improve all aspects of your life: personal, relational, professional and performative.

The Project

The Art & Coaching project is aimed at integrating the Mental Coach as an expert in the field of art, so as to meet some essential needs. It will:

  • Provide Art Managers and artists with the chance to attend Mental Coaching sessions, which is particularly useful for emerging artists, as well as for those who are not well-known yet.
  • provide new methodologies and exhibition spaces for artwork, especially dedicated to artists who are not represented or supported by gallerists.
  • Foster the creation of a network that is useful to promote and sell art, by adopting new, different and creative strategies.

Alongside this project, I will continue to offer the services I have been providing as an experienced Mental Coach for costumers working in any other field.

The Artists

The “Artists Lounge” is a location designed for exhibitions, but it can also work as a hall for presentations and interviews. The Lounge will host ad-hoc events where the artists’ work will be presented and analysed from a Mental Coaching perspective. Moreover, during these events, artists will have the possibility to be “interviewed” so as to simulate a session with the Mental Coach. Guests are more than welcome to participate in the discussion, and established or emerging artists will have the chance to meet their new clients.